Care Fee and Funding Information

Weekly fees are individual to each Resident and are based on their individual needs. A Resident’s needs are determined via a pre-admission assessment. The pre-admission assessment is carried out by a member of our care team and ensures that we are able to meet the Resident’s needs prior to us offering a placement and fee proposal. The fee proposal considers each Resident’s overall care needs, any additional support or specialist equipment that is needed to provide the appropriate care, their choice of standard through to premium bedroom and the length of stay. The fee range for Oak Tree Mews care home is £1245- £1518 based on the considerations outlined above

Once agreed, the weekly fee will be reviewed and increased on an annual basis, unless due to individual circumstance, where it needs to be amended at an earlier date. The date of this annual fee uplift will depend on the care home, however it’s important to note that due to the individual nature of the weekly fee, a significant change in care needs or a move to a different room may mean that we need to review the fee earlier than this date.

Local Authority Funded Residents

We accept Residents funded by their Local Authority; however dependent upon the care home, the needs of the Resident and the accommodation chosen an additional contribution may need to be paid by the Resident or next of kin to satisfy the difference between that paid by the Local Authority and the care home fee.

Care and Support Needs

Residents living within our homes have wide ranging health and personal care needs. Prior to a Resident being admitted into our care home we carry out an in-depth needs assessment to ensure that we are best placed to provide the right care to each individual. The needs assessment is really important as it ensures that we have the right number of suitably qualified care colleagues with the right balance of skills and expertise to deliver appropriate, quality care. Most Residents’ care needs fall within our standard care delivery parameters; however upon assessment we identify that some Residents have additional care needs that require increased staffing ratios to deliver the appropriate level of care.

Specialist Equipment

Most specialist equipment is provided by the care home or the NHS dependent upon a person’s needs; from time to time if very specialist equipment is needed that we are unable to fund we will discuss options.

Choice of Bedroom

Many of our homes offer a wide range of different bedroom options from standard rooms through to premium en-suite garden rooms; all rooms that provide services and facilities in addition to our standard rooms carry a room charge supplement.

Duration of Stay

Residents wanting to stay for 14 days or less in our homes are subject to a supplement on the long stay weekly fee of 10%.

What’s Included:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Care planning and reviews
  • Care delivery
  • Allocation of a dedicated key worker
  • All meals, snacks and drinks
  • Activities and lifestyle programme
  • All utilities and other accommodation costs
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Wi-Fi internet access

TV Licencing

All Residents living in our home can watch TVs in public areas under the care homes’ own TV Licence. Residents living with us who wish to have a TV in their bedroom must pay the concessionary £7.50 licence

What’s Not Included in the Weekly Fee

Please note, the weekly fee does not include hairdressing, chiropody, private physiotherapy, toiletries, newspapers or magazines, alcohol, any over the counter medications that a GP wouldn’t normally prescribe such as paracetamol and remedies for indigestion relief, and any other privately arranged healthcare, escorting Residents on hospital appointments, hairdryers, shavers, TVs in bedrooms, private telephones in bedrooms

Escorting Residents on Hospital Visits (*) • Hairdressing (*) • Newspaper and Magazines (*) • Chiropody (*)   *) These services can be arranged and will be charged at cost

Requirements on admission

We will provide you with two copies of our Resident Agreement and ask that you read it carefully and return a signed copy prior to admission. It lets us know that you are happy with the arrangements we have made for you at our home, that you understand our relationship with you and the terms on which you are a Resident. The first four weeks’ fees must be paid on the date of admission.